Five WWE Superstars who are the most injury prone

Batista has a terrible track record when it comes to injuries

Injuries are inevitable in the sport of professional wrestling. Thanks to the busy schedule and the hard hitting nature of wrestling, the chances of a performer getting injured are high. But the frequency of injuries depends on the particular performer. While some superstars get injured very often, others rarely get injured.

The reasons for this could be the difference in the way that these Superstars carry their body. Everyone has their own way of looking after their health and in the wrestling business, certain habits could backfire and make you prone to injuries. This list is going to take a look at those performers who are injured frequently.

Rey Mysterio

Rey had some serious problems with his knee

Rey Mysterio has a high flying style that a lot of fans admire. Undertaking such a style comes with its own risks. Rey initially suffered a lot of tears of his ACL in the late 90s and this kept him out of action as well. Rey then had to undergo a surgery for his knee in 1998 and injured it again when he was filming the film Ready To Rumble.

He suffered a similar situation in the mid-2000s and had to take almost a year off. Rey’s last phase in the WWE was also haunted with nagging injuries and surgeries. He is now taking limited schedule which is the right way to go.

Mick Foley

The hardcore legend

Ironically, the fragility of Mick Foley is what gets him into this list. Foley, who took a lot of punishment during his journey to the ‘hardcore legend’ title, actually invited the fate upon himself. Foley’s injuries include almost a dozen concussions, right ear ripped off, broken ribs, torn abdominal and meniscus, bruised kidney, and countless stitches.

All of this slowed down Foley and his career was considerably cut short. He used to get very banged up towards the last phase of his career and he did the right decision to call it a day before it was too late.

Kurt Angle

Angle shows sheer dedication

Kurt Angle is someone who went on to win an Olympic gold medal with a broke neck. So there are no arguments whatsoever when it comes to Angle’s ability to handle pain. However, this is perhaps his biggest problem as well. Angle commits himself too much into whatever he is involved in without taking his body into consideration.

Most of Angle’s problems have been linked to his neck and it is probably what sealed his end in the WWE. The doctors even suggested Angle to stay away from the ring but he went on to have a long run in TNA to prove that he is someone who works on his own terms.

Kevin Nash

The carrier of the quad curse

The situation regarding Kevin Nash is just legendary. Due to his low immunity towards injuries, Nash has been a topic for memes and jokes all around the wrestling world for a long time. Some even suggest that ‘Nash would tear out his knee answering the phone’. All of it started when Nash tore his quad while he was walking across the ring during a match in 2002.

Also, he had a problem back in 2005 and the string of injuries to his leg has considerably slowed him down. Nash had a reputation for being a slow worker, despite this, his body underwent some huge punishment and this gets him a spot in the list.

Triple H

Hunter has a long history of injuries

Triple H is hands down one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of WWE. Over the course of his career, Hunter has stamped his legacy in the business but he has not been immune to injuries during this time frame. The first major injury of Triple H came back in 1998 when his knee blew out after his ladder match against The Rock.

Later, in 2001, Hunter tore his quads and missed the entire Invasion angle. He suffered minor injuries in 2002, 2003, 2005 as well before tearing his other quad in 2007. That still doesn’t stop him from stepping up to wrestle now and again.

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