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Five WWE Superstars That  Turned Out To Be Complete Busts 

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Finn Balor,
Is Finn Balor a complete bust?

While most wrestling fans would scoff at the idea and eagerly recount every single thing that superstar has accomplished during their run with the WWE, some forget to mention how high expectations were when the person first debuted. In fact, they then try to make excuses for why the superstar hasn't achieved what was originally hoped for.

With that being said and a lot of superstars coming on to the main roster over the past couple of years with high expectations of success, here are five superstars that haven't had that desired success and turned out to be complete busts.

#5 Paige

Is Paige the biggest waste of potential in WWE history?

Paige might be retired after agitating a neck injury at a house show last year, but that doesn't mean she is automatically exempt from this list. In fact, for a woman that helped start The Women's revolution, was the first ever NXT Women champion and defeated AJ Lee on her first night on the roster, the sky was the limit for this superstar!

Unfortunately for Paige and her fans that wanted to see her kick ass in the squared circle for years to come, Paige suffered a neck injury two years ago and had to take an extended hiatus from wrestling. She was also dating Alberto Del Rio at the time and ran into many problems with management and even law enforcement for erratic behavior.

Some time later, Paige was suspended from WWE for testing positive for drugs, a charge she denied. Things then got worse when personal photos and videos of hers were released to the public and even Paige admitted during a later interview that she contemplated suicide due to online backlash.

In the end, Paige had so much more to offer The WWE, but her demons and previous injuries really weighed down what could have been a dominant career. She could have definitely won the women's title on Raw and Smackdown Live and would have been perfect for several key moments in the women's revolution.

It never came to be though and she is at least partly to blame.

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