Former world champion says he lied to Vince McMahon about his father's heart attack

WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon
WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon

Justin Credible recently explained why he made up a story about his father suffering a heart attack during his time working for Vince McMahon in WWE.

Credible performed for WWE between 1994-1997 and 2001-2003 before returning to the company in 2006. During his first WWE run, the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion took drugs one night with Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels.

On the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Credible recalled how he later found out that WWE stars had to take drug tests the next day. Concerned he might lose his job, the 49-year-old made up an excuse to get out of taking the test:

"I call [WWE agent] Tony Garea at the hotel that morning, like two, three [o'clock] in the morning," Credible said. "We get it fixed to where I can fly out first thing in the morning to go home to be with my father who's 'had a heart attack and might be dead,' which he's like literally fine in bed." [26:34 – 26:49]

Credible received a surprise phone call from Vince McMahon when he returned home:

"'Hello, pal, I hear what happened to your father. I lost my father,'" Credible continued, quoting McMahon. "And goes on to talk about [that]. 'Yes sir, yes sir, I'm sorry, sir.' I'm just sitting there like, 'Oh my f***ing God, what did I just do?' It worked. I didn't get in trouble. I didn't have to go to towns. I missed Monday Night RAW that week, but wow. Don't do drugs, kids. Never did it again after that." [27:14 – 27:40]

Vince McMahon's father, Vince McMahon Sr., passed away in 1984 at the age of 69 following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

What happened when Justin Credible worked for Vince McMahon?

During his initial three-year run, Justin Credible performed as Portuguese superstar Aldo Montoya. He joined ECW in 1997 and went on to become the company's World Heavyweight Champion.

11/7/1994Justin Credible (in his WWF return as Aldo Montoya) defeated The Brooklyn Brawler on RAW from the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, Pennsylvania.#JustinCredible #ImpactPlayer #WWE #WWESuperstar #WWESuperstars #WWELegend #WWELegends #WWEHistory

Credible returned to WWE in 2001. He won the Hardcore Championship eight times and formed a short-lived alliance with Albert and X-Pac before leaving the company again in 2003.

The 49-year-old appeared on WWE television again in 2006 as a member of the ECW brand. His final WWE match took place on August 15, 2006, when he lost to CM Punk at an ECW event.

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