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Former WWE creative writer Joe Franciosi passes away, Twitter pays homage

Former WWE creative writer Joe Franciosi passes away on Friday. He worked for the company in 2010 and did some notable segments in the WWE. Many have paid their tributes to Joe on Twitter. The tweets are mentioned.

News 17 May 2015, 14:55 IST
WWE Creative Writer Joe Franciosi passed away

Joe Franciosi, a former WWE creative writer who worked with the company in 2010, passed away due to a heart attack on Friday. Joe once did a segment with Ted DiBiase where he took out a fake eye. He was also responsible for pitching the William Shatner segment where Shatner performed his own version of WWE theme songs. R

Recently, Joe did a creative for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He also started out with Rick Bassman's UPW promotion in California.

Below are some Twitter reactions regarding this incident-

Here is a video in which Joe talks about Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon

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