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Former WWE Diva Maria talks CM Punk, issues within WWE

Ratish Menon
5.13K   //    15 Feb 2015, 16:07 IST
Maria is set to wrestle for ROH

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently appeared on the Joe Cronin show to discuss CM Punk, as well as issues within the WWE. Maria has been in the wrestling business for over a decade and is currently scheduled to take on female wrestler ODB at Ring of Honor’s upcoming PPV. During her time in the WWE, she was also romantically involved with Punk for a while when both were in the WWE’s developmental territory OVW. 

She said she never expected Punk to join the UFC, but wasn’t shocked when Punk left the WWE they way he did.

"Did I think he would leave WWE that way? I had a hunch. He's a very strong person. When you beat someone up that long without some humanity, it takes a toll. I did that schedule but not like he did. Your body gets beat up. People who want to criticize him, try it for one weekend."

She mentioned his time on the indies as a contributing factor to his exit, noting he'd been beat up before even getting to the WWE. Punk's idea to bring up endorsement deals was also talked about, and Maria was asked about double standards within the company.

"Some people's voices get heard more than others, just like any business. A lot of it has to do with timing. Right place, right time and it's yours. I think it happens a lot, just like anywhere else."

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