Former WWE Star discusses why Vince McMahon changes his mind so often [Exclusive]

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Battle Of The Billionaires Announce Details Of Wrestlemania 23

Former WWE Star Chris Masters has revealed why he feels Vince McMahon can change his mind with regards to pushing certain WWE Superstars.

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone on the latest edition of SK Wrestling's Inside SKoop, 'The Masterpiece' discussed the creative decision making that goes on behind the scenes at WWE, and how Vince McMahon "going cold" on certain stars may have been one of the reasons behind him not receiving another push during his WWE run.

"You don’t necessarily know that going in, but I think it's just as simple as, you know for example, Vince might be a fan of you the one week and he might get sick of you the next week. What was funny to him one week might not be funny to him the next week. It kind of changes like that. But that’s why, in wrestling, they always talk about evolving and changing with the times. I think that sometimes coincides with how you’ve got to be… definitely in WWE, in terms of the company or management or the boss himself has gone cold on you, you might need to figure out what you need to do to change yourself or update. You know, something to kind of get hot again."

Chris Masters felt he had "fallen out of favor" with WWE and Vince McMahon

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During the interview, Chris Masters also noted how he felt he may have fallen out of favor in WWE and with Vince McMahon, despite how popular he was at the beginning of his WWE career.

"You could tell if you trace back to around that time, you know, I’d probably fallen out of favor with management a little bit. That might be one reason for that. And also, if you look not too long after that, it was Bobby Lashley who broke the Masterlock, leading to the whole Donald Trump-Vince McMahon-WrestleMania angle that came up that year. So, you know, I think there's no question at that point."

You can watch the full clip with Dr. Chris Featherstone and Chris Masters below:


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