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WWE News: Former WWE Star X-Pac is not happy with a recent post about Chyna

The WWE veteran believes the article mischaracterizes him to be the reason behind Chyna's drug habits

X Pac
X-Pac is a former member of D-generation X

Former WWE superstar Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman is not very happy with a recent article published by Bleacher Report about former WWE Employee Chyna and has expressed his displeasure with the piece dubbed as 'The Great Fall Of Chyna".

The article which takes a look at Chyna's downfall after his WWE career and a large part of which is focused on her drug habits, allegedly misleads people into thinking that X-Pac was the one who got Chyna hooked into drugs.

While according to the former Cruiserweight Champion, they both were already doing drugs when they first got together. Here is what the former WWE employee had to say about the post during his recent appearance at 'The tomorrow Show:

“I’m used to reading all kinds of negative shit about myself but I didn’t expect it from these people who I spent hours and hours with, helping the author of that story, Jason King, great job. And they knew I spent hours contributing to that. And they still, they don’t give a fuck. Like you said, it’s click bait”.

“I’m not going to write their headlines for them but not fucking that! I mean it’s not true. It’s hard for me to say it’s not — I didn’t turn her on to drugs, I mean, we were both doing drugs already when we got together. So, and I do take my — I own my fucking part in her downfall, 

I just thought that was pretty fucked up for them to put that out there when I helped them out with that because she deserved — regardless of what went on between her and I, she was an amazing woman, very troubled, but an amazing woman that did a lot of fucking incredible shit and I wanted the story to be right, not bullshit.”

It notable here that X-Pac and Chyna were in a close relationship for several years while also getting engaged in 2003. In the period after that, they broke up and got re-engaged several times but finally parted ways before getting married.

During their time together both the former WWE stars were said to be addicted to drugs, a habit which followed Chyna for the rest of her life before she died in April this year due to an accidental overdose of medication.

The article which Waltman is talking about was published on Bleacher Report earlier this week. A part of the post is dedicated to the drug habits of the former WWE star and also quotes some words from Waltman in which he is seen admitting that he did not do any favors to her.

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