10 former WWE stars that own businesses 

DDP and Hulk Hogan
DDP and Hulk Hogan
Peter Migdol

#8. Hulk’s Business is Runnin Wild

Hogan at his store.
Hogan at his store.

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has been involved in multiple businesses in the past. He currently has Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop with locations located in Orlando and Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Both shops include a variety of items all revolving around Hulk Hogan. Shoppers can purchase items that highlight the Hulker’s career from start to finish. There are classic items from his Hulkamania days, his days in the NWO, and even items to represent his return to WWE.

Shoppers can also purchase items that feature characters from his movie performances like Thunderlips from Rocky III. The shop features a long list of memorabilia items and sometimes shoppers can purchase current WWE items as well.


Hulk Hogan also owns a restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida, called Hogan’s Hangout. The restaurant is somewhat new but seems to be an attraction for tourists and local beachgoers. The restaurant menu features bar items like chicken wings and tacos to name a few, but it also features salads and a variety of fish options.

The restaurant also seems to offer some of the items that can be found at Hogan’s Beach Shop as well. If you find yourself down in Florida, Hogan’s business might be a cool spot for wrestling fans to check out.

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