10 former WWE stars that own businesses 

DDP and Hulk Hogan
DDP and Hulk Hogan
Peter Migdol

#5. Torrie Wilson’s Fitness Business

Torrie Wilson Fit
Torrie Wilson Fit

WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson has also started a business to take the fitness world by storm by starting Torrie Wilson Fit. Focusing on healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, Wilson has created a website and program that is realistic for those people looking to make changes.

Wilson explained how she used to struggle with an eating disorder and wanted to be skinny. This is what inspired her to start a business focusing on being healthy and fit, and why it is okay to do certain things in your life.

Her website had this to say about the company,

"Torrie has a unique ability to touch the heart of everyone she meets with her genuine interest and care for them. To live our best life it’s not just about workouts. It’s also about eating healthy and balanced; yet allowing ourselves room to live in a realistic world that includes having a piece of cake at a birthday party without going on a 2-week binge after. And it’s about our healthy mind and soul because that is where it all starts."

The website offers many great things for its visitors all for the price of free! You can read lifestyle articles about how to change your bad habits, free workout programs, and even healthy recipes to try. The business is centered on being realistic and happy, which is what many people are out there searching for.

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