10 former WWE stars that own businesses 

DDP and Hulk Hogan
DDP and Hulk Hogan

#3. Kurt Angle’s Snack Business

Kurt Angle Show
Kurt Angle Show

The Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Hall of Famer has moved into the snack business with his new Physically Fit Protein Snacks.

Kurt Angle is contributing to a large market of fitness snacks but his product includes something that most fitness snacks do not. The fact that Physically Fit uses real chicken and includes it in its snack bag makes it more unique than most fitness snacks.

Their business model calls for the product to be completely air-baked and is supposed to be a healthy replacement to help cure hunger cravings.

Their website describes the company as,

“committed to providing our customers (friends, families, everyone), with the highest quality better-for-you protein snack nutrition the entire family will enjoy. In a time when product quality seems to be compromised by price, we are determined to be unique and different, offering superior ingredients, great taste, texture, and quality in every bag."

Currently, the product comes in 11 different flavors. Some of these flavors are Sweet BBQ, Jalapeno Ranch, Honey Mustard, and my personal favorite Cinnamon Swirl. These snack mixes are primarily sold online on their website.

Kurt Angle also recently started a podcast of his own called The Kurt Angle show. His podcast is available on most podcast platforms.

No doubt these business ventures are a really good start to a post wrestling future for Kurt Angle. Oh, it’s true… it’s damn true.

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