Former WWE Superstar reveals why he wouldn't return to in-ring wrestling competition

Matt Morgan is the mayor of Longwood, Florida
Matt Morgan is the mayor of Longwood, Florida

Speaking to FOX 35 Orlando, former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan opened up on why he wouldn’t return to in-ring pro wrestling competition.

Morgan performed for the WWE from 2002 until his departure from the promotion in the year 2005, including stints in the company’s developmental territories as well as on the main roster.

Morgan notably performed alongside fellow behemoths such as Nathan Jones and Big Show, besides also teaming up with Brock Lesnar.

Prior to parting ways with the WWE in 2005, Morgan portrayed the character of a stuttering big man, following which he achieved a considerable amount of success on the indie pro wrestling circuit.

Furthermore, Morgan subsequently joined TNA (Impact Wrestling) and went on to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship during his time with the company.

‘The Blueprint’ performed for the company from 2007 to 2013, besides also making sporadic appearances in the ensuing years. He continued working on the independent professional wrestling circuit before retiring from the sport in 2019.

Morgan noted that what he misses the most about the pro wrestling business is the charity aspect of it; particularly the motivational speaking sessions at schools where he’d be a role model for the kids, who viewed him either as a comic book hero or villain depending on what character he was playing.

Moreover, Morgan – who has lately made his mark as a successful politician – insinuated that he’d like to focus on his political career for now, rather than return to wrestling.

The former WWE Superstar explained that what he’s doing now is 10 times more important than what he did when he was wrestling.

He emphasized that he respects what active pro wrestlers do as role models, but it’s what one does after leaving the business that is really telling.

"Not to take away from any professional wrestler -- what they do is really, really cool and they are role models. But I'll argue that it's what you do with it once you leave that can be even more telling and be even bigger." (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription)


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