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Former WWE Superstar shows up on AEW Dynamite and cuts a promo on Cody Rhodes

  • The WWE Hall of Famer cut his best promo in 20 years.
Karan Bedi
Modified 05 Mar 2020, 08:02 IST

A Blast from the Past (Pic Source: AEW)
A Blast from the Past (Pic Source: AEW)

Cody Rhodes was in the ring cutting a promo about his loss to MJF at AEW Revolution and called him out. But lo and behold, a former WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer showed up instead and it was none other than Jake the Snake Roberts.

Jake the Snake said that he hated to spoil the party and said that he was tired of Cody crying over his loss to MJF. Jake asked Cody if he understood that he got his a** kicked? But Jake said that wasn't why he was there. Jake referred to Cody as 'Caeser' and that he wasn't there to praise him. Rather, he was there to slay him. He also said:

"The only reason I'm here is I have a client. The Dark Side will be coming to AEW. And once our roots have taken hold, it will be like a phoneix rising from the ashes."

Jake said that it has taken him 20 years to get sober, but that doesn't mean he was going to be a 'nice boy.' He said that he will be on the outside of the ring when his client faces him and that he could bring that 'one-trick pony' Arn Anderson with him. He also said:

"I'm not in AEW to take the whole pie. Just your share. Now, a wise man once told me, 'Never ever turn your back on somebody you respect or you're afraid of.'

Jake then left the ring as Cody looking on. It'll be interesting to see who this client could be as the reveal will probably happen sooner than later.

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Published 05 Mar 2020, 08:02 IST
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