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Former WWE Superstar talks about Men on a Mission, Shawn Michaels, more

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Mo and Mabel – ‘Men on a Mission’

Former WWE Superstar Robert Lawrence Horne, also known as ‘Sir Mo’ of Men on a Mission, was the guest on the ‘In Your Head’ podcast this weekend. He talked about his faction Men on a Mission, the Influence of the Kliq in the WWF locker room, Vince McMahon and many more. He talked about the locker room altercation with former WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels.

He praised late ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, who helped him personally during his initial period. He mentioned that Macho Man was a big supporter of their group during his time and also praised Bam Bam Bigelow who taught him a lot about the business. Below are some of the highlights: 

Mo recalled a time shortly after their debut: 

“Vince McMahon calls us in at a TV taping in White Plains, NY. He sits back in his chair and he goes, ‘you know guys, things are not going the way I hoped they’d go. I think Men on a Mission needs to take a hiatus.’ … What happened? Everything was going good, we thought. We were getting good crowd reactions. And Vince says, ‘hell, I’m just gonna say it. The guys, you work with around here, are a bunch of p******. They’re all afraid of you guys. You come in, you don’t say much to anybody, and everybody’s afraid to get in the ring with you because they don't know anything about you.” 

Mo indicated that more problems came when many wrestlers complained about Frazier, on how it was tough to work with him because of his size and power, 

"The straw that broke the camel's back was at the Royal Rumble '96. If you go back and look at it, Nelson gives Henry Godwinn a splash kinda close to the ropes. When I came back to the dressing room… Nelson and The Undertaker were nose to nose, about to get into fisticuffs because Nelson apparently didn't keep his weight off of Godwinn. He was in the back spitting up blood or something."

On Shawn Michaels:

"The Kliq was strong, Case in point: Shawn Michaels assaults me, I tell him, 'Don't ever put your hands on me again or I'll beat your f------g ass," and I get pulled off TV for nine months." 

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