Former WWE superstar Big Daddy V's wife accuses friend of fraud

Modified 22 Sep 2014
Nelson passed away earlier this year due to a massive heart attack

Most of the WWE fans would remember Nelson Frazier. He donned various personas, including Mabel from the Men on a Mission tag team, and more famously as Viscera from the Ministry of Darkness. He also worked as Big Daddy V in the now defunct WWE’s version of ECW, and he unfortunately passed away earlier this year due to a massive heart attack. WWE and professional wrestling mourned the loss of Nelson, and it was brought to light that although he worked in the WWE for nearly a decade and a half, he wasn’t financially stable, and the onus of carrying the family, including the payment for his funeral fell on his widow.

However, a few people from the professional wrestling industry stepped up to help Nelson, and one of them was his old friend and tag team partner, Sir Mo Bobby Horne. Mo started a fund raiser, and urged the wrestling fans and those involved in the business to contribute so that he could help Nelson’s wife financially. It was estimated that thousands of dollars were collected through the campaign, but Nelson’s wife, Cassandra came out with the startling news that all she received was a mere 100 dollars from Mo Horne.

I initially thought no one cared, no one remembered Nelson. I thought how can these people be so cruel but then I found out they did care and so many tried to help but I never received a dime that was sent to Bobby (Horne). I don’t know what Bobby did with all that money but he didn’t pass it along to me and I know he said he paid for Nelson’s funeral and stuff and he’s a liar. If he paid for Nelson to be cremated and for his urn, then why did I have to sell almost everything in our house? I have almost nothing left. I have had to move so many times since Nelson passed and you know, if I would have gotten anything at all from Bobby, I might have been okay.” – Cassandra

Bobby urged the fans to donate and contribute via his Paypal account, and although the fans later had the option of sending the money directly to Nelson’s address, it is estimated that Bobby had collected thousands of dollars, but hadn’t passed it on to Cassandra. However, Horne refuted Cassandra’s statements, and said he had nothing to prove to anyone. Cassandra also said that she did not receive any amount from the benefit show Horne had arranged for Nelson.

I never received anything from the benefit show that was held for Nelson. All I got from that was some money I made selling Nelson’s pictures. Bobby also said he was trying to get money for a headstone, Nelson was cremated, he don’t need a headstone.”

It also came to light that Horne was making a shoot DVD featuring Cassandra, and claimed that many backstage stories involving some of the biggest names in pro wrestling would be covered. However, it was reported that the DVD never even made it out of the planning stages!

Cassandra further added, “I’m willing to take a lie detector test, any time, any place and prove I never got any money from Bobby Horne, you ask him if he is willing to do the same. Nelson didn’t even like him, he didn’t trust him, didn’t want him over to the house so why did I believe him when he said he would help me I don’t know.”

Published 22 Sep 2014
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