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Former WWE writer says he stole items from Vince McMahon's office

6.03K   //    06 Oct 2014, 13:21 IST
Vince McMahon

Kevin Eck, WWE’s former creative writer reveals that he used to stole items from Vince McMahon’s office during his time in the company. In August when WWE was releasing members under cost-cutting measures, Eck was also told to leave the company.

Only now did Eck decided to reveal this secret as he wrote this Facebook:

"Now it can be told: I used to have someone in Vince's office steal some of his Speed Shot drinks (or as he called them, "purple gimmicks") for me before I worked out”.

Eric is talking about grape-flavored ABB Performance Speed Shot, an energy drink.

His comment was in response to former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards remarking under his status update:

“As Vince McMahon once said to Dreamer and me: "I know your two motherf--kers are stealing my protein bars!!!!"

To add to the food related stories associated with Vince McMahon, a backstage worker MetsFan4Ever recently posted this on reddit:

"A few years ago the company had a Snow Cone party. Kind of weird, I know. This was in the back lot of the TV Studio (not the actual large Headquarter building everyone always sees). Well apparently Vince is a huge Snow Cone fanatic. So much so, that he had a lot of them. Like 10. At one point he got up and announced in front of everyone in his Mr. McMahon "You're Fired" voice that he LOVES SNOW CONES. It was awkward and I had to fight to hold back my laughter. It was surreal."