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From the GFW Rumor Mill: Confusion builds up about GFW's existence after Impact presents Bound For Glory

Danny Cox
6.10K   //    19 Sep 2017, 20:26 IST

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Well, that name change certainly didn't last long

What's the story?

Just last week, it was revealed that a new location was going to be named soon for Bound For Glory and on Monday, it was officially announced. The pay-per-view is heading north of the border and will take place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on Nov. 5, 2017.

While that is a big enough story on its own, the even bigger issue at hand is that the big reveal on YouTube showed the pay-per-view as presented by Impact! That's right, there was not a single mention of Global Force Wrestling to be found anywhere in the announcement as another possible re-branding is in the works.

PW Insider reported how Anthem Media only referred to their wrestling company as Impact Wrestling and never GFW in Monday's press releases. There is no spoken word from the company as to what they're doing, but the split certainly appears to be in place.

In case you didn't know...

Jeff Jarrett was the man originally behind the creation of TNA Impact Wrestling. In time, they parted ways and he started up Global Force Wrestling to be yet another promotion that would be its own brand.

In the past couple of years, Double J began coming back around the studios in Orlando and there was even a bit of a GFW invasion at one point. Eventually, everyone knew what was going on and it was soon announced that Jarrett was back in the offices for Impact Wrestling.

Well, that only led to a merger between the two which also saw the company rebrand as Global Force Wrestling in mid-summer and the TNA Impact name leave for good.

... or so everyone thought.

The heart of the matter

Earlier this month, it was rumoured that Jeff Jarrett was no longer in power in GFW and it was soon announced that he was on an "indefinite leave of absence." This leave was being done so that Jarrett could "focus on personal matters" before returning to GFW.


Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and Bound For Glory has its official location announced and the event is being presented by Impact! Sharp eyes happened to catch that in the above video, it no longer seems like Double JJ is just taking a leave of absence or break.

Something much more happened here and it is no surprise that the head offices of Anthem had no idea what they were doing and didn't want to let Jarrett run things either. After that, Jarrett probably took his ball (GFW name) and just decided to stay home.

What's next?

Anthem's Vice President Ed Nordholm is making a complete and total mess of this wrestling promotion and it is no surprise to anyone. The loss of Jeff Jarrett and the changing of the company's name are going to make it spiral even more out of control.

Jeff Jarrett has been rather quiet since leaving and just continues to stay positive on Twitter by going to "work" every single day.

Now, Impact! is moving forward with Bound For Glory and anything else that goes along with keeping the wrestling promotion going, but it is anything but smooth. The interesting thing here is that there was a press release issued by Anthem to promote the location of the pay-per-view, but not a single thing touched on the name change.

Sooner or later, the elephant in the ring will need to be addressed.

Author's take

This wrestling promotion is really making it difficult for anyone to take them seriously when they don't know who will be in their offices from day-to-day and can't even keep their name straight. Matters weren't made any better when they lost Jim Cornette on the same day the name-game started.

GFW continues to be an absolute mess in every possible business aspect and this is going to do nothing to help them. Hardcore wrestling fans have already given up on them and casual fans are just going to be confused.

You can only start over so many times whether you're Total Nonstop Action, TNA, Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, and back to Impact before people just stop caring.

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