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From The Rumour Mill: Ronda Rousey to turn heel ahead of WrestleMania 34 

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Rousey could be set to become a heel because of the negativity following her debut
Rousey could be set to become a heel because of the negativity following her debut

What's the story?

Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut at The Royal Rumble last weekend and it seems that since the WWE Universe and a number of superstars inside the company have already turned on the former UFC Champion, the creative team may be set to push the idea of a heel turn.

In case you didn't know...

Ronda's debut completely overshadowed the fact that 30 women had just made history in the Royal Rumble for the right to go to WrestleMania and because she is seen as a bigger name than any of these women, she doesn't have to fight for her right to be part of the biggest show of the year.

A number of women including Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella and Nia Jax have all commented on Ronda's arrival and it seems that the attitude amongst the women of WWE is the same as the WWE Universe. Her debut overshadowed the entire night and the fact that the women had fought hard for their right to make history and there aren't many people who are happy about it.

The heart of the matter

According to a report by The Inquisitr, it seems that there could be plans for Ronda to be turned heel ahead of her match at WrestleMania 34, which is rumoured to be a tag team match against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H with her partner hopefully set to be The Rock.

WWE is hoping that Ronda will become the same figure as Brock Lesnar but for the Women's Division and it implies that becoming such a huge figure in the company comes with a number of haters. Lesnar himself doesn't have a lot of friends, which is why he works so well as a heel because he has never needed back up.

What's next?

Ronda's next WWE appearance isn't set to be until after Elimination Chamber, since she is also on the same kind of deal as Brock Lesnar, which is something else that has led to a number of fans complaining that she should be forced to wrestle full time with the rest of the women on the roster.

Author's take

Ronda's debut was definitely the thing that stole the headlines the night after The Royal Rumble and after 30 other women made history a few minutes before, it was slightly disappointing.

Rousey should at least be forced to have a match ahead of WrestleMania, otherwise, WWE is sending a bad message to their locker room when it comes to how loyal many wrestlers are all year round and they still never have a chance to be part of WrestleMania.

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