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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Big update on WWE/ITV UK wrestling division and TV deal

Daniel Wood
2.73K   //    15 Apr 2018, 19:37 IST

Is the WWE making a big play in the UK because of ITV bringing back World of Sport Wrestling again?
Is the WWE making a big play in the UK because of ITV bringing back World of
Wrestling again?

What's the story?

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter had several major updates on WWE's plans for a UK division and UK-based television deal, revealing details on a potential rival for WWE's plans and an update on the WWE King of the Ring Tournament.

In case you didn't know...

Something has been brewing for a while in the WWE with the announcement of the King of the Ring Tournament and the rumor that several current UK based talent have been offered new, better contracts as well as the alleged signing of top UK talent Zack Gibson.

What's the story?

There's a lot to go through regarding this subject in Dave Meltzer's latest WON so let me try and summarise points for you.

First of all, it has been suggested that ITV is gearing up for another run of World of Sport Wrestling with its contracted talent being told to get ready to shoot for a possible ten one-hour television shows over three days, with tapings looking to start as early as next month.

This is rumored to be a potential reason why the WWE has once again set its sights on the UK and has announced the King of the Ring Tournament, and why it is strengthening its hold on its current British wrestlers.

Meltzer then goes on to say that there are people who believe that the Network special UK tournament will finally be the start of something more permanent, with regular UK tapings and shows potentially taking place

There is the belief a lot of new U.K. talent will be looked at and some will be signed in May after tryouts take place the next European tour, and that WWE is close to its own television deal for the U.K. version of the product and that this tournament will be the start of regular tapings and not just a one-time deal, and that they would then run regular tapings and perhaps shows.

What's next?

If the above does indeed happen with WWE getting a television deal (perhaps in partnership with ITV) then there might be some consequences for the current UK talent on the WWE's roster with the company possibly limiting which independent companies they can work for going forward.

Author's take

I feel like we're so close to British wrestling becoming the big thing on the international stage that it should be given that we have some of the best professional wrestling taking place on our shores. I can't wait.

Daniel Wood
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