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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Carmella cashing in her MITB briefcase soon

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Miss Money In T

Miss Money In The Bank might be cashing in anytime now

What's the story?

Only a small minority of people believed Carmella would walk out of Money In The Bank as the first-ever Miss Money In The Bank.

Even fewer people believed The Princess Of Staten Island could win it a second time. But in each instance, Carmella was victorious thanks to her opportunistic mindset and lapdog James Ellsworth.

Dave Meltzer hinted in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Carmella's time with her briefcase could be over sooner than later.

In case you didn't know....

The Money In The Bank idea was really just trying out a new thing when Edge won the first MITB ladder match at WrestleMania 21.

But since then it has become arguably the most important WWE pay-per-view event after The Big Four and on some years it might even top Survivor Series.

The heart of the matter

Carmella currently dances around with her Money In The Bank briefcase as James Ellsworth follows her with a dog collar and leash on.

This might be highly entertaining but it doesn't really help her win matches. In fact, she seems to be in a slump. But if history has foretold anything, it is that this is exactly the right climate for a Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in.

After all, Edge set the precedent as the Ultimate Opportunist when he held his Money In The Bank briefcase all the way until New Year's Revolution when he swooped in and defeated John Cena for a title that the Transformers: Bumblee star had just successfully defended.

Carmella losing every week makes her appear weak but in reality, it's putting her right in the sweet spot for a Money In The Bank cash-in.

Dave Meltzer commented in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Carmella losing to Becky Lynch in under three minutes on SmackDown is just another loss which means "she's one step closer to cashing in and winning the title."

What's next?

If Carmella cashes in her briefcase soon then she very well might win it. After all, Mr. Money In The Bank, Baron Corbin failed to capture the WWE Championship thanks to John Cena during their build-up to SummerSlam.

If The Princess Of Staten Island picks up the SmackDown Women's Championship fans should expect a lot of Moon Walking and Trash Talking because you know she's going to light up the microphone with tons of self-congratulations.

Author's take

If Carmella held her MITB briefcase forever I wouldn't mind it at all. I am thoroughly entertained by everything she's currently doing, especially hauling James Ellsworth around like a confused puppy dog.

In the end, breaking her off from Big Cass and Enzo has paid off big time for her already. Carmella has been able to branch off and create her own distinct character and she very well might be a future SmackDown Women's Champion.

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