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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Enzo Amore's backstage heat about to get worse?

Harald Math
7.26K   //    28 Aug 2017, 12:01 IST

Enzo rubbed shoulders with a host of celebrities at the fight of the century
Enzo rubbed shoulders with a host of celebrities at the fight of the century

What's the story?

It has been reported by various sources that Enzo Amore is not the most popular member of the WWE roster when it comes to backstage. On this past weekend's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer is postulating that things could be about to get worse for the Realest Guy in the Room after Enzo attended the Floyd Mayweather/Connor McGregor boxing match over the weekend.

In case you didn't know...

Enzo Amore is known for having a larger than life personality, and it seems as though that personality has grown a little too big for its boots. One year ago, Enzo was a part of one of the hottest acts on the main roster alongside Big Cass. As we head towards September 2017, that team has been broken up and Enzo has been demoted to 205 Live.

Enzo's fall down the card has coincided with reports of him being extremely unpopular backstage. It has been stated that Enzo is quick to brag about the various celebrities he hangs out with when he isn't on the road, along with his tendency to bring unknown individuals into the backstage area.

The heart of the matter

Enzo attended the Mayweather/McGregory match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this past Saturday night and posted a number of photos to social media of the various celebrities he met at the event.

Smacktalker Skywalker even went so far as to post a video of his ticket, revealing the staggering $10,000 price, before showing off selfies with Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven and a number of other celebrities.


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Meltzer and others are speculating that this could be the latest in a long list of eye-rolling incidents caused by Amore. The Michael Jordan of Jargon is reported to frequently talk of his life in LA and very rarely stops when he starts talking, leading to many backstage wanting nothing to do with him.

What's next?

Enzo was moved down to 205 Live last week, ostensibly to punish him but also to give the struggling cruiserweight show a boost. It seems to have worked, as the YouTube video of Enzo's debut has been viewed almost 700,000 times, significantly more than the usual 205 Live numbers.

It seems as though Enzo will be moving into a feud with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville, and it remains to be seen whether Amore can redeem himself both onscreen and in the locker room.

Author's take

$10,000 for a ticket to a boxing match? What? Enzo can post photos with whoever he wants, whenever he wants, but paying 10k for a sporting event is insanity. The development of Enzo Amore's career is going to be interesting viewing over the next 12 months.

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