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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Further speculation on Dixie Carter appearing on RAW next week

Will we see the former TNA president on RAW?

News 13 Jul 2017, 18:43 IST

Kurt Anlg
Kurt Angle and Dixie Carter have a history in TNA

What's the story?

Dixie Carter's comments on a recent interview with Sports Illustrated has fueled speculation of her appearing next week on RAW

In case you didn't know...

Kurt Angle has been involved in a mystery texting storyline for the past many weeks now. Corey Graves is another figure involved in the story, seemingly the only other person who knows the "secret" that could "ruin Kurt Angle's career".

On the past episode of RAW, it seemed to culminate as Angle said that he would announce the secret to the world.

The heart of the matter

The storyline is rumoured to be leading to Kurt Angle facing his old rival Triple H at Summerslam. Since Dixie Carter appeared on the WWE 24 special about Kurt Angle, it led to huge speculation that she will be the person who Kurt Angle reveals next week.

To add fuel to the fire, RAW is in Nashville next week, where GFW's head office is located. Another fuel to the fire was with her interview with Sports Illustrated recently where she was asked about a possible RAW appearance. She said the following:

"I did hear Raw will be in Nashville, which is very interesting. But I wouldn’t tell you either way"

What's next?

RAW will be in Nashville next week and we'll find out whether it will really be Dixie Carter.

Author's Take

Dixie showing up on RAW would definitely go down as one of the "WTF" moments in WWE history, but in 2017, it seems like anything is possible.

Another possibility is Stephanie McMahon. However, that doesn't sound as interesting. Stephanie McMahon has been off television for months now probably the longest in years, and it's good that way.

As good a heel as she is, her presence stopped helping the talent get over more a while back. Plus the constant need for Authority figures got old years ago. One of the good parts of WWE the past couple of years has been the complete lack of authority figures.

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