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WWE News: Kurt Angle says he might wrestle as part of the Jason Jordan storyline

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Jason Jordan Kurt Angle
Jason Jordan was revealed to be Kurt Angle's son

What's the story?

Kurt Angle, the Olympic gold medalist and current RAW GM, hasn’t wrestled since returning to the company but recently stated in an interview that he is likely to wrestle soon.

That admission came during an interview with Fox Sports Australia, thanks to the current storyline where Jason Jordan was revealed to be his illegitimate son.

In case you didn't know...

Kurt Angle was one of the most gifted athletes in the WWE thanks to his amateur wrestling exploits but left the company due to a number of injuries, while eventually signing with TNA to work on a reduced schedule.

The heart of the matter

Angle does believe that the Jordan storyline will see him make a return to the ring but the former champion was quick to say that it all depends on Vince McMahon giving the go-ahead.

“I would say I will most likely wrestle. I have not taken a physical yet. I’m basically waiting on the boss. It’s up to Vince McMahon.
“I would imagine I will. I’d imagine the storyline is going to go somewhere with Jason Jordan, so I’m just being patient and enjoying the general manager job.
“Hopefully, eventually I’ll get back to wrestling.”

Kurt returning to the ring would be a major surprise given that he has a surgically repaired neck and that could be a risk the WWE might want to avoid, as anything can happen during a fight.

What's next?

Jordan did pick up a win against the Miztourage in the last episode of RAW and even though he was tagged with Matt Hardy, things could escalate to bring in Angle in some form or another.


The RAW GM didn’t really do much in the ring this time around but that looks likely to change in the upcoming weeks.

Author's take

Seeing Angle wrestle in the WWE ring after more than 10 years would certainly bring back the nostalgia factor; when has the WWE not done this? But bringing him back for a failing storyline does seem to be another calamitous decision by the company.

Angle can remain as the GM and not have to wrestle while playing a major part in the Jordan storyline, like pitting him against tough opponents every week and getting the fans on Jordan's side.

The risk of injury is another factor that should ensure Angle stays away from the ring but we never know what the WWE writers and Vince keeps thinking, so get ready for an angle on Angle’s return soon.

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