From the WWE Rumor Mill: New update on Dean Ambrose working injured

Dean Ambrose may return earlier than expected
Dean Ambrose may return earlier than expected

What’s the story?

According to PWInsider, Dean Ambrose has been discharged from the hospital and was spotted in Nevada.

The rumours suggest that Ambrose is set to likely return in about 2-3 months, although the comeback could be delayed.

In case you didn’t know…

As we’d previously reported, Ambrose has been working with a nagging triceps injury which he sustained a while back, owing to which his arm has been sore but not seriously injured.

Ambrose was recently written off the WWE’s storylines, after being attacked by The Bar & Samoa Joe, in order to afford the Lunatic Fringe time to get surgery and heal his arm.

The heart of the matter

Generally, a triceps injury—something that Dean Ambrose had been working with all this time—takes a considerable amount of time to heal (about 6 months), particularly when one happens to have taken multiple bumps on the same.

Ambrose was in Birmingham, Alabama, getting checked by the WWE appointed surgeons. Ambrose underwent successful surgery and is on the road to recovery, but seems to have been released from the hospital now.

Ambrose was spotted in Nevada and has returned home after the aforementioned surgery on his triceps. The vast majority of professional wrestling industry insiders opine that Ambrose will return within 2-3 months rather than the usual six-month hiatus most athletes go through after a serious triceps injury.

What’s next?

Dean Ambrose is currently undergoing rehabilitation and is expected to get back in the gym full-time sooner than initially expected.

Sportskeeda will keep fans updated on Ambrose’s WWE comeback timeline.

Author’s take

Dean Ambrose is one of the most composed and calculated WWE Superstars today, and has a great understanding of ring psychology and storytelling.

Ambrose’s injury was unfortunate but a part of the game nonetheless. Here’s hoping The Shield member makes a safe & speedy recovery.

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