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From the WWE Rumor Mill: No invasion expected over the next two weeks; reason revealed

Riju Dasgupta
4.06K   //    26 Oct 2017, 17:23 IST

Do not expect any invasions for some time now!
Do not expect any SmackDown Live invasions for some time now!

What's the story?

This week on RAW, we saw the SmackDown Live locker room invade the show and attack many of the participants in the back. However, RAW did not respond with an attack, when SmackDown Live aired this week.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer shared his thoughts with regard to when the next invasion could take place. Don't expect one during the next two weeks, says Mr. Dave Meltzer.

In case you didn't know...

Survivor Series pits the Superstars of RAW against those in the SmackDown Live roster. SmackDown Live struck the first blow as the Superstars, led by Commissioner Shane McMahon, attacked RAW during their show in Green Bay.

Because of the no-show from RAW during SmackDown Live, fans have been wondering when the next invasion will take place and wrestling pundit Dave Meltzer had some thoughts about the same.

The heart of the matter

RAW is set to take place in Baltimore, Maryland next week while SmackDown Live comes to us from Norfolk. Then RAW and SmackDown Superstars fly to the United Kingdom, the week after, for their bi-annual round of taped shows.

Dave Meltzer told us why we shouldn't expect any invasions for the next two weeks of WWE television:

Yeah they can't really do it in England, unless they change the schedule, because you know, the RAW guys would be booked in another city. You know what, it can't be next week either, because the RAW guys leave after TV and go to England. They're not going to be around on Tuesday. So they really can't do it until they get back. They can't do it for a couple more weeks.

Looks like we need to hold our horses, until the go-home show before Survivor Series.

What's next?

The go-home episode of SmackDown Live comes to us from Charlotte, North Carolina. Expect the invasion to happen then. At least, if Dave Meltzer's prediction does come true.

Author's take

I'm okay with this. The fact that SmackDown Live is constantly looking over their shoulder, could make for some interesting television. I hope that Lesnar leads the charge for the RAW invasion, but I know that is very unlikely.

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