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From The WWE Rumor Mill: Pretaped segment planned for Hell In A Cell main event

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What do Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens have in store for us at Hell In A Cell?

What's the story?

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon will finally be able to sink their teeth into Hell In A Cell and this main course inside Detroit's Little Ceaser's Arena promises to be quite filling. Shane McMahon announced it was a falls count anywhere match leaving a lot of people to wonder why this choice was made. Bryan Alvarez recently discussed this decision on Wrestling Observer Live where he shed some light on why the falls count anywhere stipulation might have been laid down.

In case you didn't know...

Hell In A Cell matches are plenty brutal. If you add in the fact Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon have now promised to beat each other around the arena then it could make things even more insane.

Shane McMahon's already taken an incredible dive off the Hell In A Cell and Kevin Owens ripped on him for it in true KO fashion. Since Vince McMahon's baby boy loves to jump off of things, they're on to the next high obstacle for Shane-O to risk life and limb to leap from.

The heart of the matter

Perhaps Shane McMahon's recent near-death experience during that helicopter crash landing was the adrenaline rush he needed to try something risky once again. Because if Shane-O's going to risk major injury he would much rather have a lot of people watching.

The fact Shane-O vs KO is now a falls count anywhere match would give McMahon the chance to jump off of any number of high places. It's just a matter of getting the match to that point.

Bryan Alvarez recently discussed this idea on Wrestling Observer Live, thanks to Still Real To Us for the transcription.

“I know before they announced the stipulation, I know some of the ideas for this stupid thing Shane was going to do and it was inside the cell or around the cell area. So maybe they got together and they decided to start working things out and they had an idea and then Shane was like ‘you know what? I’m gonna kill myself here so let’s do a pre-tape and we’ll make it falls count anywhere so we can make it out of the cell.’ That very well could be what happened.”

Alvarez said this falls count anywhere stipulation will allow WWE to use some "smoke and mirrors" in order to hide Shane McMahon's inadequacies in the ring and allow for more control over the situation.

But in the end, he wondered why WWE didn't just make this match a falls count anywhere in the first place if they were going to add this stipulation.


What's next?

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon will do some very bad things to each other. It will be brutal, unremorseful, and I can't wait to see it. In the end, KO could find himself beating the SmackDown Live commissioner so badly he will retreat to Raw.

The goal of this entire program might also be to put Kevin Owens over as an even bigger Superstar, and there's nothing wrong with that happening.

Author's take

These two are going to do some incredibly awesome things in this match. It will also be plenty dangerous but that only adds to the fun. Hell In A Cell will be a watercooler event if WWE has anything to say about it. After all, it's been a while since people were talking about a match the next day in the way WWE would have liked.

Hopefully, McMahon and Owens will deliver. But above that, I just hope they're safe enough so each guy can walk away from the situation. Because in the end, they're both still fathers and husbands. However, I have a feeling The Prizefighter and The Money will leave a little piece of themselves in Detroit when all is said and done.

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