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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Raw plans changed late in the day

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What was
What was the initial plan for Raw?

What's the story?

Booking a show like WWE's Raw can't be an easy job as there are plenty of pieces to move around. Coming off of a pay-per-view like TLC with so many changes to the event, WWE really had to step up their game to set the stage for Survivor Series.

PW Insider reports that there were actually a couple changes made late in the day which would have resulted in a different show.

In case you didn't know...

There are multiple reasons for things to get moved around when it comes to a television show. Some things might not have fit, other things could be cut for time or because someone walked out.

Thankfully, nobody walked out before Raw in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but there were still some much-needed changes to the show.

The heart of the matter

PW Insider reports that the original plan for Raw last night was for Sasha Banks vs Bayley to duke it out to determine who would get to lead the Raw Women's team at Survivor Series.

Another idea for the night which was changed evolved around the 205 Live guys. The initial plan was for there to be an elimination match instead of just a regular 10-man tag match. All of these decisions were said to have been made late in the day.

What's next?

Survivor Series is going to pit brand vs brand even though there is no Cruiserweight representation on SmackDown Live.

But the Raw Women's Team will be led by Alicia Fox which will be so much fun to watch. After all, everyone loves to watch a crazy person lead their troops into battle.


Author's take

It never surprises me when I hear about WWE changing their minds last minute. After all, anything that happens on Raw or SmackDown is on the orders of Vince McMahon.

But it is very interesting how Raw decided to insert Alicia Fox into the situation which would lead me to believe they might have some plans for the veteran performer.

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