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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Reason behind WWE airing Ronda Rousey training footage on RAW

Johny Payne
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WWE intends to use Ronda Rousey as one of its top Superstars over the next few years
WWE intends to use Ronda Rousey as one of its top Superstars over the next few years

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, a possible reason behind the WWE airing footage of Ronda Rousey training was revealed.

Apparently, the WWE higher-ups aim to promote Rousey as a babyface in the WWE, and aired the aforementioned footage so as to ensure that the fans get behind her.

In case you didn’t know…

‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest box offices draws in combat sports history, and widely regarded as a Women’s MMA pioneer.

As we’d previously reported, Rousey has confirmed that she intends to work with the WWE for the next several years. Meanwhile, the WWE has concurred with Rousey’s statements and hinted at promoting the former UFC Champion as one of its top Superstars in the days to come.

The heart of the matter

On this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW, the WWE aired footage of Ronda Rousey training her striking, grappling and pro-wrestling maneuvers at the gym.

Addressing the same, veteran professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer explained that the WWE did so in order to combat the resentment that certain sections of the fans seemed to be harboring against Rousey after the latter debuted in the WWE. Meltzer also noted that considering that the Elimination Chamber PPV is in Las Vegas—a city that houses a hardcore fan-base—Rousey may garner a positive reaction from the fans.

Below are a few excerpts from Meltzer’s statements regarding the same—

“They know there is a resentment or there appears to be a resentment. You never know how strong it is until you really see it until she comes out…You don’t know—you really don’t know what’s going to happen or how people are going to react.”

“I can see with this footage they were really trying to make sure she didn’t get booed as much as they can, (and) there is nothing that makes you like someone, in theory, than watching them train their a** off at your thing.”


What’s next?

Ronda Rousey is set to partake in a WWE contract signing segment at the Elimination Chamber PPV—that’ll see her grace the ring to sign her RAW contract—a segment during which experts believe that WWE will reveal who Rousey could feud with ahead of Wrestlemania.

Rousey is expected to compete in a prominent matchup at Wrestlemania 34 in April.

Author’s take

The WWE has been calculated and slick in their handling of Ronda Rousey thus far.

They’re building her up in a great way, and ought to maintain this slow & steady rhythm so as to ease Rousey into the WWE Universe. 

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