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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Reason why Kane vs. Braun Strowman never started on Raw

Big men need big plans and WWE has just that.

All hell broke loose on Raw.
All hell broke loose on Raw.

What's the story?

Dave Meltzer shed some light on this week's finish of Monday Night Raw on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio.

In case you didn't know...

This week's episode of RAW was headlined by a Monster vs. Machine match as Kane was all set to face Braun Strowman for the very first time in the WWE.

However, the match never really got underway as the two behemoths brawled and completely destroyed each other. The Monster Among Men powerslammed the Big Red Machine through the ring and took their violent history to a new level.

Strowman was shown emerging from the hole in the ring in an off-air video posted by WWE on their youtube channel. Check it out below:

The events that transpired in the closing stages of Raw has kickstarted a lot of speculation on what could be next in this budding rivalry and Meltzer gave his two cents on WWE's possible plans.

The heart of the matter

The veteran pro wrestling journalist revealed that WWE is saving the clash between the giants for a future date. The fact that the match didn't even begin on Raw would serve as the selling point for the eventual showdown.

Meltzer also added that WWE isn't planning on featuring the match on a PPV and may give it away on an episode of Raw. Plans in the WWE are subject to change and it won't be surprising if they move it a PPV.

What's next?

The Monster Among Men will look to assert his dominance in the Traditional elimination match at Survivor Series this coming Sunday. Kane, as of this writing, is without a match for the stacked show.

The Demon is expected to interfere in the match at Survivor Series and avenge the beatdown by srcewing over Strowman. This is not even a rumor, just an educated guess.

Author's take

Kane costing Strowman and possibly team Raw the match at Survivor Series looks the most likely option at this point. It's a pleasant surprise to see Devil's Favorite Demon being booked strong, even if it's a ploy to put over Strowman as the undisputed big guy of the company.

This match deserves to be on a PPV, but knowing WWE, this could very well end up being the main event of Raw just to pull the viewers into watching the final hour of the show.

For now, all the focus is on the dream Survivor Series card as WWE could possibly put out the PPV of the year.

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