From the WWE Rumor Mill: Rumor killer on Hideo Itami leaving WWE

Hideo Itami has spoken out on speculation about his future
Gary Cassidy

What's the story?

In November, it was reported that Hideo Itami may be seeking a return to Japan after his WWE contract expires and even though he made the move from NXT to 205 Live, we hinted that he may not be staying there for long.

After a first-round loss to Roderick Strong in the 205 Live Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, Itami took to social media and seemingly hinted at his departure from the company.

However, a follow-up tweet has firmly righted that tweet and it looks like the hard-hitting Cruiserweight will be staying after all.

In case you didn't know...

Hideo Itami arrived in 2014 at WWE as a massive success from his days in Japan under the name KENTA. He won a multitude of titles for Pro Wrestling Noah, including the GHC Heavyweight Championship on one occasion and their GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship three times.

After a few serious injuries took him off television for a lengthy spell, things were looking good for Itami when he recently debuted on RAW to team with Finn Balor before his stint in 205 Live.


The heart of the matter

Well, he was always the next big thing that never quite got the run he needed to be NXT Champion, and Itami took to social media soon after his defeat to 205 Live debutant Roderick Strong in the first step towards WrestleMania in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament last night.

But it seems Itami has taken a leaf from Finn Balor's book, by finishing his sentence a few hours later.

What's next?

While Itami's loss to Roderick Strong takes him out of the tournament and off of 205 Live for a while due to the new format of the show being centred around the tournament, it looks like the Japanese Superstar has not hung up his boots in WWE just yet.

Losing to Roderick Strong shouldn't bring any shame on anyone, and especially after such an incredibly competitive match, it did seem like another stumbling block for Itami.

Author's take

Well, Hideo Itami came to WWE with all the promise in the world and had a very hot start in NXT. Sadly, injuries meant it was short-lived but I think his recent work in WWE has been great! A couple of wins will completely shift his momentum and get him back.

I don't think, even with his losses, that Hideo Itami has lost any credibility. He showed last night that, if he remains injury free, he could easily slot into the championship picture.

Needless to say, whether it's in WWE or elsewhere, Itami has it all. We just hope he maintains his health and gets the run he deserves!

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