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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Stone Cold Steve Austin could have a big role at WrestleMania 34 weekend

Daniel Wood
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Will Stone Cold appear at the Hall of Fame?
Will Stone Cold appear
the Hall of Fame?

What's the story?

Many of the inductees have been announced for this year's Hall of Fame entrants with Big Show inducting Mark Henry and Road Dogg inducting Jeff Jarrett. However, the inductee for Kid Rock is still yet to be announced, with rumors surfacing that it could be a huge and incredibly popular WWE name.

In case you didn't know...

Kid Rock was announced as entering the Hall of Fame earlier this year thanks to his musical contributions towards the WWE over the years. His entry into the Hall of Fame has also sparked rumors that The Undertaker will be appearing as the American Badass and will be played in by Kid Rock live.

The heart of the matter

So who is going to induct Kid Rock? The Undertaker would be a suitable name, but would the WWE want to have the Undertaker make an appearance before WrestleMania and potentially ruin the intriguing build to his confrontation/match with John Cena? Probably not.

That's why Twitter-based wrestling scoop reporter WrestleVotes has hinted at another huge name to induct Kid Rock instead.

That's right folks, WrestleVotes is suggesting that none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin himself will be inducting Kid Rock. Whilst this is most certainly an incredibly random thing to do it does sort of make sense.

Stone Cold hasn't been announced for anything over WrestleMania weekend yet and he is undoubtedly still a draw following his incredible Raw 25 opening segment earlier this year. Plus, with Meltzer reporting that there are still plenty of tickets left for the Hall of Fame in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this would be a good way to get bums in seats.

What's next?

With no inductee announcement yet, the WWE might keep it a secret and surprise everyone with that breaking glass noise as a nice treat for everyone live in attendance at the Hall of Fame. Alternatively, WrestleVotes might have gotten this one wrong.

Author's take

I'll never say no to Stone Cold making appearances for the WWE. Even if it is to randomly induct Kid Rock into the Hall of Fame.

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