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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Superstars possibly hold resentment toward Shane McMahon

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Here comes The Money... but how does the rest of the locker room feel about it?

What's the story

WWE is a business and while there is a family dynamic backstage this doesn't guarantee there won't be professional conflict. Shane McMahon has made a habit of doing a couple matches every now and then since he came back to WWE and during his first run, he did the same thing.

Each match would send Shane-O to his breaking point while nearly killing him in the process of taking an insane bump. Dave Meltzer recently discussed implied there might still be some slight resentment toward Shene McMahon within the WWE locker room.

In case you didn't know...

Shane McMahon is the baby boy of Vince and Linda McMahon. He used to take part in some brutal matches back in the day and then he took some time off to find himself and pursue other business ventures.

Since Shane's return to WWE, he's been booked in a few high-profile matches including one Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker. During his last go inside the Cell, Shane plummeted off the cage and sent himself crashing through an announce table at ringside. It was a risky and extremely dangerous stunt to pull off but Shane-O could do it because he knew this was his only match for a long time.

The heart of the matter

It turns out Shane McMahon's part-time status with WWE might have brewed some slight resentment with the boys in the locker room. After all, Shane can do some pretty crazy things and then take time off to heal. He doesn't have to consider the fact he needs to keep his body in working order so he can make another string of towns the following week.

Dave Meltzer recently opened up about Shane McMahon's status and how it might be perceived with a tinge of resentment backstage in WWE among the full-time workers.

"The one thing [Shane] has the advantage on, which is the [full-time] guys don't have, and I remember guys used to be critical of this when Shane would do the big bumps. Because it was like 'well, Shane's gonna do one or two matches a year, and he's gonna do this big bump, and he can get hurt and rest up. And he shows us all up that are trying to do big bumps, and we gotta come back the next day.' So in a sense, there was resentment of him."

What's next?

As long as Shane McMahon's name brings attention from fans he will probably continue performing in the ring in this manner. With Hell In A Cell rapidly approaching it will give fans another chance for Shane-O to do something incredibly foolish.

Author's take

I can't lie; I was disappointed AJ Styles had a match against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 33. I thought they could have used The Phenomenal One better. But the two ended up having a really great match which far exceeded anyone's expectations. Of course, most of that credit goes to AJ Styles because he can have a good match with a cardboard cutout of himself.

Shane McMahon doesn't need to wrestle anymore. But the fact he keeps doing it should be respected and appreciated because he does it for the fans. He also might do it because he loves the limelight and so his kids can watch their dad risk his life. But for whatever reason, it still works.

But it's very reasonable to see how someone who never takes time off from WWE might look at Shane McMahon's sporadic appearances with a sour taste in their mouth. After all, they keep the company running while Shane McMahon just gets to perform a little stunt show twice a year.

But if it's not broken, don't fix it. The fans still love seeing Shane McMahon perform so he'll keep doing his thing. Let's just hope Shane-O doesn't break himself in the process.

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