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From the WWE Rumor Mill: WWE to recycle WCW Pay-Per-Views

Simon Cotton
8.12K   //    18 Sep 2017, 06:35 IST

What pay-per-view will they choose?

What pay-per-view will they choose?

What’s the Story?

WWE gets inspiration for pay-per-view names from a variety of places, but some upcoming shows may derive their names from WCW's pay-per-views

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that WWE may be using some former WCW pay-per-view names for some special events going forward.

In case you didn’t know....

After purchasing WCW in 2001, the WWE has incorporated a lot of WCW’s traditions and namesakes into their own company. The United States and Cruiserweight Championships originated in WCW as well as their tape collection.

As far as shows go, the WWE has used several past WCW pay-per-views and program names for their shows like Clash of the Champions and The Great American Bash.

However, after 2009, they seemingly moved away from anything WCW related for many years except for a Great American Bash episode of SmackDown in 2012.

The heart of the matter

WWE officials are reportedly getting close to using some of WCW’s pay-per-views as their own to add some interest to some live events and specials.

The company did use The Great American Bash as a special episode of SmackDown back in 2012 and something similar could happen to an episode of Raw or SmackDown Live.

Some of WCW’s pay-per-views were specific to the season they transpired in, so the WWE will probably end up using some of the shows that work in any season like WrestleWar, Slamboree, World War 3 and others.

There is a chance that they could use pay-per-views like Halloween Havoc for SmackDown because Halloween falls on Tuesday this year.


What’s next?

The report said that the old WCW pay-per-view names were going to be used in the very near future, so that could mean we could see an advertisement for a big show as soon as September or October.

There are a lot of names to choose from and whatever one they pick should probably be one of the better pay-per-view names.

If WWE does plan on getting these PPVs back, it would be 17 years after the company saw a murky death.

Author’s Take

It’s great that the WWE is using all of their tools to make the shows more exciting. Now if they can only be convinced to revive War Games then they’ll really have people talking.

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