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From The WWE Rumor Mill:  WWE to FOX could be in jeopardy after latest UFC news

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Is this latest
going to prevent FOX and WWE from being partners?

What's the story?

On Tuesday afternoon, Variety Magazine reported on an update in the contract negotiations between the UFC and FOX situation with a surprising new partner, ESPN. This particular deal could mean that the WWE is not going to go to FOX after all.

In case you didn't know...

Earlier this month, Sportskeeda reported on a rumor from the Wrestling Observer stating the WWE moving to FOX was imminent. At the end of February, several FOX on-air personalities and executives were guests of the WWE for a SmackDown Live taping.

The heart of the matter

Though they are seen as rivals in the sports broadcasting world, Variety reports that ESPN and FOX are looking to make a joint bid on the UFC. The split would bring 15 fights to the recently released ESPN+ streaming platform that is priced at $4.99 per month.

Endeavor, who owns the UFC, was originally seeking $300-$400 million for a new television deal but appears to only be getting a $200 million offer from FOX due to a decline in the UFC television ratings.

While the Variety article doesn't mention the WWE at all, it has been well-known by business experts that the UFC would have to leave FOX to enable the WWE to come in.

WWE's television contract with NBC Universal (parent company of the USA Network) ends in September of 2019.

What's next?

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest on a potential new home for the WWE. Even though the contract doesn't end until September of 2019, a new deal with the WWE and their new television home will have to be made well before that date.

Author's take

That is definitely an interesting partnership for the UFC. With FOX bringing in ESPN as a partner to re-sign the UFC, maybe that opens the door for FOX to have both the UFC and WWE on their family of networks.

Imagine if FOX has both the UFC and WWE, they could do a lot of cross-promotion that would tremendously help both companies out.

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