From the WWE Rumour Mill: Another person to be erased from WWE's history?

It seems like the first female referee will not be remembered anymore!
It seems like the first female referee will soon be forgotten!

What's the story?

It is natural for those not in favour with WWE's top brass to be blacklisted and have records of their existence expunged forever from the history books. We've seen this treatment meted out to Hulk Hogan, Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, Chris Benoit and many more individuals, who do not represent the corporate values of the company, with their despicable actions outside the squared circle. According to a report on, WWE have removed all traces of another woman. This happens to be first female referee in WWE known as RIta Chatterton/Rita Marie.

In case you didn't know...

Rita Chatterton was a referee during the 80s for the promotion, who gained much notoriety after she appeared on Geraldo Rivera's 'Now it can be told' show, smack dab in the middle of WWE's steroid scandal. She claimed that McMahon had sexually assaulted her. Not only was her story discredited by most, Vince and Linda McMahon filed a lawsuit against her and the media company, on grounds of 'severe emotional distress'.

The heart of the matter

The report mentions the Mae Young Classic, where the company named Jessika Carr as the first female referee in the history of WWE. Lita made a passing reference to Carr being the first female referee since the 80s, without mentioning names. It seems that Chatterton is a sore spot for the company and her existence has been wiped out from the history books for good.

What's next?

We do believe that Carr is on considerably better terms with the company and she will go on to have a long and illustrious career with the company. The record books will show her as a trendsetter.

Author's take

Because Chatterton did not have the same run in the business that Hogan or Snuka did, I doubt anyone will really miss her name in the record books. As for her claims, they have been rubbished by several people over the years, and so I'm led to believe that they were fabricated. She never even filed charges against Vince McMahon!

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