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From the WWE Rumour Mill: Another SmackDown invasion expected to happen on RAW

Riju Dasgupta
10.12K   //    09 Nov 2017, 14:22 IST

Will we see this familiar sight, one more time?
Will we see this familiar sight, one more time?

What's the story?

A few weeks ago, the world reacted with shock as Shane McMahon orchestrated an invasion by the SmackDown Live roster on team RAW. RAW would not retaliate in the weeks that followed.

This week, SmackDown Live struck a second time as The New Day interfered in the Tag Team Championship match costing Ambrose and Rollins their coveted titles. It is expected that SmackDown Live will invade RAW once more, before RAW retaliates, according to Cageside Seats.

In case you didn't know...

Every week, we are reminded both by the Announcer and the Authority Figures that Survivor Series is the one time every year, that RAW and SmackDown Live go head to head. SmackDown Live, annoyed at being dubbed the B-Show, was up in arms against RAW, and has interrupted the proceedings twice already.

We wonder when will RAW finally retaliate.

The heart of the matter

RAW and SmackDown Live both return to the United States after a brief stint in the United Kingdom recently. The rumours indicate that we should expect a SmackDown Live invasion on RAW, next week.

RAW, finally having reached boiling point, will retaliate in the go-home show of SmackDown Live before Survivor Series. WWE is playing the waiting game with RAW's invasion on SmackDown Live. We're expecting it to be absolutely massive indeed, when it does happen, presumably next Tuesday night.

What's next?

If the rumours we've listed are to be believed, then the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia will see the final SmackDown Live invasion, ahead of Survivor Series.

Author's take

I did not like it at first, but now I am sold with regard to the story that WWE has been trying to say.

Kurt Angle is being shown as the babyface, who will not take the offensive ahead of the Survivor Series clash.

Shane McMahon, on the contrary, is showing heelish tendencies and is even at odds with his own General Manager, Daniel Bryan, with regard to the sieges.

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