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From The WWE Rumour Mill: Jason Jordon's heel turn to be delayed

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Jason Jordan

What's the story?

As per Observer, Jason Jordon's ongoing heel turn has been put on hold because of him winning the RAW Tag Team Championships along with Seth Rollins this past RAW.

However, it is being reported that a heel turn is indeed the long-term plan for Jason, and is currently just being delayed.

In case you didn't know...

Jason Jordon was called up on RAW from Smackdown on July 17th as a part of a storyline wherein he was Kurt Angle's son. He was a former one-time Smackdown Tag Team Champion on Smackdown.

This story was not well-received by the fans and despite having great matches each week, Jordan failed to get over with the fans.

Over the past few weeks, Jordan has been hinting at a heel turn with a change in his persona and mannerisms; acting more selfish and asking for his whims to be fulfilled by Kurt Angle each week.

The heart of the matter

Jason Jordan has had great matches with huge names like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and John Cena but had failed to generate interest as a face majorly due to the failed storyline of him being Kurt's son.

Despite the Initial failure of the storyline, Jason was gaining a lot of attention and praise for his slow heel turn and many expect it to culminate in a Jordan vs Angle match; these plans, however, seem to be on hold as WWE have decided to delay his heel turn at least while he is still the Tag Team Champion along with Seth Rollins.

What's next?

The plans for Jordan's future aren't clear at this point although it is certain that he will be turning heel whenever his stint as the Tag Team Champion is over.

Author's take

Joran's slow heel turn was one of the best booking decisions in my opinion and it was gaining good momentum so having it delayed now might now be the best course of action.


One of the major factors in his heel turn was the level of disdain the crowd showed towards him which might be lost if he continues to pair with Rollins for a long time.

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