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From the WWE Rumour Mill: Nia Jax reportedly returning for European tour after time away from WWE

Daniel Wood
8.01K   //    21 Oct 2017, 15:52 IST

Nia Jax to return to ring action for WWE soon
Nia Jax to return to ring action for WWE soon

What's the story?

Dave Meltzer has released a report on, clarifying the situation between WWE and Nia Jax. He says that the Monday Night Raw Superstar will be returning to ring action for the WWE during their upcoming European tour after a brief, agreed upon hiatus from television tapings and house shows.

In case you didn't know...

Nia Jax's absence from Monday Night Raw came at an unfortunate time. There was a lot of speculation surrounding the happiness of several WWE Superstars following the news of Neville's release request, leading to Jax being linked to that story.

Several reports surfaced of the former NXT standout being unhappy within the company for several reasons, such as the fact that she missed out on the chance to face Asuka at TLC 2017, and also general concerns over her pay and creative direction.

The heart of the matter

Dave Meltzer has stated that the rumours surrounding Nia Jax's situation are overblown due to a lack of actual information surrounding it. He adds that the reports of her unhappiness with her creative plans and pay are untrue.

Jax is just resting up since she wasn't figured into any major storylines, but according to those close to her, stories that she stormed off at Raw (she wasn't even at Raw to begin with), asked for a leave of absence, or is unhappy with her pay are all untrue.

This was also backed up by Alexa Bliss, the only person from the WWE to speak publicly on the matter since it arose. Bliss mentioned that her friend was merely taking some time off to rest and that was it.

“We have talked about it a lot. Whatever she is going through, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a leave of absence. She’s taking some time off because our schedule it very grueling. It’s very, very demanding. There are times where you are run down and your body can’t do it anymore and you get sick or you get injured from it and you get tired.”

What's next?

Clearly, Neville's departure started a narrative that other absences, whether caused by illness or, in Jax's case, taking some time off to rest, helped to justify.

But as more concrete news comes in, it appears that Neville's unhappiness may, in fact, be an isolated case.


As for Nia Jax, Meltzer reports that she will be taking time off to rest, before returning for the WWE's upcoming tour of Europe, which kicks off in Glasgow on the 1st of November.

Authors take

Hopefully, Meltzer is right here and Nia Jax will return to action for the WWE. I think she has great potential and will be an excellent opponent to truly challenge Asuka when she's established herself on the Raw roster.

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