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From the WWE Rumour Mill: Owen Hart made an accurate prediction about Kurt Angle 5 days before his death

Riju Dasgupta
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Owen Hart's words were quite prophetic indeed
Owen Hart's words were quite prophetic indeed

What's the story?

Owen Hart was one of the most enduring WWE characters of the 90s. Unfortunately, he lost his life as the result of a mishap in the year 1999.

Five days before he died, Owen Hart had predicted that Kurt Angle would be a future Hall of Famer and World Champion. Angle did not know about this until recently and was thrilled when he heard about the same.

In case you didn't know...

Kurt Angle was only 6 months into his WWE run when Owen Hart passed away. It has often been said that very few people picked up professional wrestling quicker than Kurt Angle did. He was born for the business, and is hailed as an all-time great, as of today!

Considering how much more Owen Hart could have done in the Attitude Era, with performers such as Kurt Angle, it is tragic how his career came to an untimely end.

The heart of the matter

The legend goes that Owen Hart faced Kurt Angle in a dark match in 1999. Following the match, Hart relayed his positive assessment of Angle to those backstage. Of course, Angle did go on to win the World Championship and became a Hall of Famer, this year!

Angle only found out about the same recently and called it the biggest compliment he could have received from any superstar at all. It helped that the praise had been heaped by one Owen Hart, a legend in his own right!


What's next?

Kurt Angle still competes in the ring, to this very day. However, his primary role is that of the RAW General Manager. One assumes that he'll be booked in a marquee match at WrestleMania.

Author's take

One cannot help but wonder how cool it would have been to see Owen Hart and Kurt Angle in a full-fledged program. Both men had a really good sense of comedy, and we're also certain they would have set the ring on fire!

Kudos to Owen Hart for recognizing the talent in Kurt Angle, at an early stage.

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