From The WWE Rumour Mill: Possible reason why Tye Dillinger has been kept off TV

The Perfect 10 hasn't been seen since The Royal Rumble
The Perfect 10 hasn't been seen since The Royal Rumble

What's the story?

Tye Dillinger hasn't been seen on WWE TV since he came out at number 10 for the second year in a row in The Royal Rumble match. It seems that there could be a ridiculous reason behind his absence over the past few weeks.

In case you didn't know...

Tye Dillinger was a stand out star on the NXT roster for a number of years before he was called up to the main roster last year and seemingly got lost amongst the shuffle on the SmackDown Live roster.

Dillinger has been part of a number of storylines surrounding the United States Championship in recent months and even took part in the triple threat match for the title back at Hell in a Cell, but over the past few months, he has been a missing person when it comes to Tuesday nights.

The heart of the matter

Whilst discussing the new SmackDown Top Ten lists this past week, Dave Meltzer claimed on the latest instalment of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE doesn't want the WWE Universe chanting "10" anymore because it became slightly annoying.

“Dillinger is just a guy on the brand that works prelims and they put him at number 10 and it makes for a cute minute for people to chant 10, which they don’t even want people to chant anyway. That’s why they keep him off TV so much because they don’t want people chanting 10. So the whole thing is completely stupid.”

The company seemingly also don't want fans to chant "One Fall" anymore either, which is why announcers are no longer giving fans the chance to chant this ahead of matches.

What's next?

The main event match has already been announced for Fastlane with Shane McMahon recently stating that it will be changed into a fatal four-way match following this weeks episode of SmackDown Live. It is unknown what part Tye Dillinger will play in the upcoming pay-per-view since he hasn't been seen on screen for a few weeks.

Author's take

WWE wants the fans to interact and then when they do it's too much? Tye Dillinger is over, this is why the fans chant "10", much like they chant "Yes" because of Daniel Bryan. Right now, Rusev is the star that the fans are focused on so the company have no reason to keep Dillinger off TV, considering his wrestling career has already taken a hit over the past year.

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