WWE News: Goldberg reignites the talks of a potential WWE return

Goldberg will be appearing in the WWE 2K17 video game
Anutosh Bajpai

Former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg recently gave a short but very interesting interview to Fanatics View Originals where he talked about a potential WWE return and reignited the talks of a possible match between him and his WrestleMania 20 opponent Brock Lesnar in future which were assumed dead following SummerSlam.

In the start of the video as seen below, the interviewer said that wrestling has not been the same since guys like Bill and Stone Cold Steve Austin retired and asked the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion whether or not we can expect him to be back in the business anytime soon.

Replying this Goldberg talked about the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game and reminded us that he is going to be kicking everybody's a** in the game but pointed out how he is 49 years old now and said that they should leave it to the young guys out there. He said:

"Over the 11th when the video game comes out I'll be kicking everybody's ass on the roster for sure but you look at me I'm 49 years old man leave it to the young guys to go out there and do their thing I mean more imagine here and more hanging out with Simon and trying to just continually stay in shape"

However, the former WWE world Heavyweight Champion continued by saying that you can never say never but also pointed out how the time is not on his side:

"No matter how old I am and you never say never but I mean it's it's it's getting close to that clock kind of stopping on me but I mean you know you never seen we need one more in may "

Although it was something the Goldberg did after the interview which has made more headlines than any of the things said by the former WWE Superstar during the whole interview.

After the interview, the reporter presented him a Brock Lesnar T-Shirt and Bill ripped the T-Shirt apart claiming that "i still can do it at 49 and Brock your next"

This action has again left people wondering if there is still a chance of the former WCW star returning to the WWE Ring for one more match and if all this talks and claims made by Goldberg are actually a sign that we will see a rematch between him and Brock Lesnar sometimes down the line.

What's the truth is yet to be seen but for now these recent actions of the man known as Bill Goldberg has again ignited the talks of him making a surprise return to WWE and face The beast in Cornet.

Here is the video from TheFanaticsView:


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