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Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar: A second chance?

Rohit Nath
2.63K   //    12 Oct 2016, 12:57 IST
A match that needed 12 years to clear itself

Back in the Ruthless Aggression Era in 2003, Goldberg had made his debut on the Raw after Wrestlemania XX, and Lesnar was on a hot streak. As he did in WCW, Goldberg was booked to steamroll through his opponents, only getting defeated on occasions where there were outside objects or outside interferences.

It didn’t take long for Goldberg to win the World Heavyweight Championship when he defeated Triple H at Unforgiven. Meanwhile, at Survivor Series that year, both Lesnar and Goldberg were the World Champions of their respective brands, and that was when they first crossed paths.

Goldberg lost the title a couple of months later and during the Royal Rumble match, Lesnar cost Goldberg a chance at winning the match as he distracted Goldberg, allowing Kurt Angle to throw the favourite to win outside. 

No Way Out the next month was when Goldberg did the favours and cost Lesnar the WWE Championship to Eddie Guerrero in an absolutely legendary bout. This was what set the stage for what was then considered a dream match between the two giants.

However, closing into Wrestlemania XX, it was revealed on the internet that Lesnar was leaving WWE to try out NFL, while Goldberg was not going to extend his one-year deal which he had signed the prior year.

This did not sit well with the fans, who absolutely showered the two with insults during their Wrestlemania XX  match, and the duo didn’t seem to care when they put on an average match which saw Goldberg victorious.

Lesnar flipped off the fans at the end, and both he and Goldberg ended up eating a stunner from the guest referee of their match, Stone Cold Steve Austin. This was the end of both of them in WWE that decade. You can watch the match here:

Lesnar returned in 2012 to a great reception and has been on a path of destruction since. He has not been pinned in a singles match since Wrestlemania 29, leaving fans to wonder who will get the rub when they eventually conquer The Beast Incarnate. 

The question has been there regarding Goldberg’s return for years, and as of last night, it has finally been answered.

From the time Goldberg was announced as part of WWE 2K17, it became very clear that he was definitely going to return at some point.

For months now there have been rumours, and some saying that the wheels were in motion for his return, and as we have seen, the rumours were true, mainly the ones that came about a few days ago that Goldberg vs Lesnar was being planned for Survivor Series.

Last night on Raw, Paul Heyman came out and issued a challenge to Goldberg for one more match against Lesnar, as Lesnar wanted to beat the one man he had never defeated before.

Goldberg tweeted out not long after that his flights to Denver, where next week’s episode of Raw is taking place have been booked, that he will be there in person to address the challenge that Heyman has issued.

Now that their Survivor Series match is underway, many fans seem to be excited about it. The fact of the matter is, whatever criticism Goldberg gets for his in-ring work, he was still one of the most over stars in WCW during his prime.

Many say that his WWE run didn’t do justice to the amount he contributed in WCW. This is true to a great extent, but just from the sheer excitement of the whole ordeal, no matter how the match goes, the fans will be excited and seem to be willing to give this a second chance.

Perhaps Goldberg and Lesnar can finally right the wrong that they ended their initial WWE run with, and the fans will be more than happy to be part of the process.

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