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WWE Rumours: Goldust considering leaving the WWE?

9.27K   //    01 Oct 2016, 19:47 IST
Goldust has not been seen on Raw since the draft

It is being speculated that after his brother Cody Rhodes, former Intercontinental champion Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes could very well be the next superstar to leave WWE. The move appears to stem due to him being frustrated with the direction that his in-ring character has been taking.

Goldust recently posted a photo from his official twitter account which has since become a hot topic among wrestling fans and has become a centre point for many rumors surrounding the status of the former Hardcore Champion. The photo as seen below consists of a quote and reads, "Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you , grows you or makes you happy.”

After seeing this unusual post from the WWE star many fans are speculating that Goldust is not happy with the recent directions of his WWE character and is considering to leave the company.

It's notable here that after a year-long absence, Goldust made his WWE return in January 2013. Upon his return, he was quickly added to a storyline with his father Dusty Rhodes and brother Cody Rhodes.

After that feud got over, Goldust started teaming up with a repackaged Cody Rhodes, who adopted the gimmick of Stardust, which was very similar to Goldust in terms of appearance and face paint.

Both brothers teamed up with each other for several months before Stardust started showing frustration towards his elder brother, which lead to a match between the two at Fastlane 2015. Many fans believed that the feud between the two brothers wasn’t programmed properly and that their match at Fastlane was unable to help either of their characters and careers any further, unfortunately.

After their feud got over, Cody Rhodes became a part of several mid card feuds and left the company in May this year after being dissatisfied with the company over the way his character was being booked.

On the other hand, after making a few sporadic appearances, Goldust announced that he had suffered a shoulder injury which would require him to undergo a surgery in May 2015. After his return and several mid card appearances, Goldust started a storyline with R-truth which later saw the duo forming a tag team together named ‘Golden Truth.’

However, despite getting a fair amount of positive crowd reactions, the Golden Truth tag team has generally been used by the WWE as comedic relief between segments. Goldust, despite his seniority and his character’s popularity in the WWE, has in his latest stint been used as a glorified jobber.

Due to this many believe that the former Hardcore Champion should follow the footsteps of his brother and one interpretation of his latest tweet is that Goldust has made up his mind for doing the same.

Although it's worth noting here that as of now the talks of Goldust leaving WWE are complete speculation and apart from his latest ambiguous tweet, he has shown no other signs of the alleged frustration. Offically, the Attitude Era star continues his current stint with the company as of now and only time will tell what direction his career will take in the near future.

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