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Good and bad booking decisions from last night's RAW (January 8th)

Did last night's results help the roster on the way to the Royal Rumble or hurt it?

Top 5 / Top 10 09 Jan 2018, 19:53 IST

The Miz Returns RAW
The most MUST-SEE star is back...but did it make for a must-see RAW?

The second episode of WWE RAW from 2018 was a notable show in a number of major ways, but most prominent of them all was the presence of Brock Lesnar and the return of The Miz, now finished filming the latest Marine movie. The buzz surrounding him got turned up a notch when Asuka was announced as his partner for the coming Mixed Match Classic, so expect that team to get far.

Last night's episode also saw the building of a showdown, a Cruiserweight title match, and more from the Club. But what decisions from last night helped the roster headed into the Royal Rumble and which ones hurt it?

Good booking: Jason Jordan still the third wheel

When Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan won the tag team titles together, many worried that his heel turn would stall. After two weeks, this doesn't appear to be the case. Jason Jordan continued to sound like the bratty, entitled third wheel trying to enter the cool kids' club.

For the good of Jason Jordan's singles career, it's imperative that he turns heel, and soon. Fortunately, that still looks set to happen. The Royal Rumble would be the best place so that he can head into WrestleMania with momentum.

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