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Grading 5 wrestling personas of the present day wrestlers- Part 1

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The Undertaker making his blood-curdling entrance
The Undertaker is one of the few wrestlers who has maintained the same gimmick for years yet not go stale

Welcome to our new section in which we grade five wrestling personas of the present-day wrestlers. In this part, we grade the persona of Elias, the Bar, the New Day, AJ Styles, and the Undertaker

For a pro-wrestler, his wrestling persona is extremely important. Their entire credibility in the business depends on it. If you can't find and maintain a proper wrestling persona, you shouldn't blame the company for subverting your status.

In the WWE, the situation is a little different. It is the company which gives you the gimmick and the persona, and you have to work on it. The superstar has a very little control of that.

If that's the case, you can't blame the superstar for going stale. It is the company which gave you such an ephemeral persona.

However, some wrestlers have defied the odds. They have maintained their supremacy with the same old, stale, and momentary gimmick and personas. While some have prolonged it only for a year, others have perpetuated it for decades.

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#5 Elias as the guitarist heel

Elias transitioned into a better wrestler in the main roster with his guitarist wrestling persona

While other wrestlers fail to emulate their NXT run in the main roster, Elias has transitioned into a better wrestler. Triple H knew this beforehand, and in an interview with CBS Sports' In The Corner podcast, he acknowledged that Elias was built for the main roster and not the NXT. 

"Double J" Jeff Jarret played the role of the guitarist heel brilliantly. He went on to win numerous accolades with it in the WWF, WCW, and the TNA. Although Elias hasn't won any title on the main roster with the same persona, that day is not far away.

WWE has rather booked the "Drifter" in a monotonous manner. With the spotlight gleaming on him, he would mock the audience with his guitar's tunes playing in the background. This gimmick shouldn't have lasted long. Yet, Elias has maintained his repute by doing the same thing every week on Raw. It is surprising that we still find humor in the year-old repetitive wrestling persona.

Moreover, he was on the top of his game in the build-up to the Elimination Chamber. Picking up a victory over John Cena and Braun Strowman in the main event of Raw is not a joke. But, he made it look convincing. 

After his Intercontinental Championship match with Seth Rollins, we don't know what's next. But, one thing is sure. He has a long path to travel before he lets off this gimmick.

For his never-ending humor and a brilliant transition to the main roster, Elias gets a B+.

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