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Greatest WWE rivals of The Undertaker

Akhil 1690
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WWE Smackdown - Sydney

The Undertaker celebrates his win in a WWE SmackDown event in Sydney

Through the years the WWE has been in business, very few people have entertained the crowd the way The Undertaker did. Everything about him was, also still is, different and exciting.

He is one of the few wrestlers who have fought people from two eras. So, apart from his creepy character and one-of-a-kind theatrics, his fighting style embraces both, the old school and the current styles.

Throughout his career in the WWE, The Undertaker has faced many foes. Many of them are legends themselves and are just as popular as the Dead Man.

Here are a list of the greatest and most popular rivals of the Undertaker-

20. Ultimate Warrior

19. Kamala

18. Diesel

17. King Mabel

16. CM Punk

15. Big Show

14. Brock Lesnar

13. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

12. Mr. McMahon

11. Yokozuna

10. Batista

9. Million Dollar Corporation

8. Edge

7. Hulk Hogan

6. Randy Orton

5. Triple H

4. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

3. Mankind

2. Shawn Michaels

1. Kane

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