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Has the WWE unbanned a word?

Omkar Sohoni
4.60K   //    04 Feb 2016, 01:49 IST
Is saying the word okay?

– People still reminisce the days of the Attitude Era where superstars and managers were allowed to say almost anything and everything. Cuss words, insults were totally common back then and the product seemed more raw and entertaining.

A huge section of fans wants the Attitude Era product back which looks extremely unlikely with the current stand of the WWE.

The major difference is that the Superstars do not have the degree of freedom that the Attitude Era stars had and the PG rating has also really cut down the entertainment factor of the storylines.

Components like blood, chair shots to the head, moves such as the piledriver are banned by the WWE. The commentators are banned to utter the words ‘Wrestler’ and ‘Belt”. 

It seemed that the WWE had unbanned the word belt when Stephanie McMahon called the title the WWE Championship ‘Belt’. Mr McMahon was also seen saying belt which was edited out.

This shows that the WWE have still kept their list the same and the word belt is still banned. Long gone are the days where you would see a classic face off between the Rock and Austin.

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