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Has Triple H earned the right to replace Vince McMahon and take over WWE?

He's literally turned the entire world into WWE's developmental territory...and more.

Vince, it’s okay. The future is in great hands

Prior to 2015, one would be hard-pressed to find consistent justification for Triple H to be a solid holder of the throne in WWE. Between the acrimonious firing of CM Punk and the slap-dash method of signing some but not the most charismatic or *hot that very second* relevant indy darlings, the future of WWE appeared dimly bright.

For every Sami Zayn, there was a Kassius Ohno, and for every Finn Balor, there was a Solomon Crowe. Raw and SmackDown were also entertaining, yet floundering. Triple H’s on screen/off screen two-step made a Superstar out of Daniel Bryan but initially faltered with Seth Rollins.

However, post-2015, as an integral part of WWE’s behind the scenes affairs in NXT and the WWE Network, and as a burgeoning Executive Vice President with eyes fixed on one day being the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he’s excelled.

If you don’t believe WWE is in excellent hands with Triple H at the helm, let’s take a look at how he’s finally adjusting to his role, and as he grows comfortable, the company evolves.

In 2016 alone, Triple H spearheaded WWE, manoeuvring NXT from a developmental brand into a legitimate third product option in the company. Furthermore, he rekindled the Cruiserweight division in WWE in such a manner that he made WWE move in lock-step with modern indy wrestling, and simultaneously removed any vestiges of WWE’s largely mishandled Cruiserweight and Light-Heavyweight wrestling history over the past two decades.

Triple H just casually watching Evolve, nothing to see here...

Furthermore, he’s actually turned independent wrestling itself into WWE’s global developmental territory. From Evolve in the United States to Progress Wrestling and ICW in England to globally respected and non-independent Japanese organisations like New Japan and Dragon Gate, plus signings from China, India, and more; he’s completely obliterated WWE’s sense of how they developed talent under their umbrella. 

Via the WWE Network, Triple H has guided WWE into a unique space, where their product is perpetually relevant to the point that it lacks the argument ever being made again regarding the relativity of star power. Under Triple H, WWE will be a single, global and territorial organisation.

Imagine the NWA of the 1970s on digital steroids, and it’s WWE in the 2020’s and beyond. Brock Lesnar can wrestle in a main event in Japan just as fast as Shinsuke Nakamura can main event an NXT show in Dallas. Neville can wrestle Tommy End in England, while Gurv and Harv Shira can wrestle The New Day in New Delhi.

Of course, all of these matches are viewable via the Network, and moreover, things that happen on the Network have real-time relevance on WWE’s flagship, and non-Networked Raw and Smackdown programming.

Who could have guessed how well this was going to work?

At Wrestlemania, there’s Goldberg wrestling Brock Lesnar and Triple H himself in a match that he’s set up in less than 10 minutes of TV time. As well note that Triple H’s influence is all over the show as wrestlers from NXT including Shinsuke Nakamura, Rich Swann, Jack Gallagher, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Alexa Bliss will likely have roles. That’s absolutely impressive.

WWE’s future has only just begun...

It was once said of the World Wrestling Federation that “anything could happen.” As Vince McMahon’s time as CEO has extended, that statement has been, well, far less than true. However, under the rule of Triple H, within the last 18 months especially WWE has become a place where anything can happen...again.

Seriously sit and think about it for a second. Did any of us ever think that on the same WWE program in 2016 that Shinsuke Nakamura would wrestle Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode would enter an arena in a Ric Flair robe and be possibly the most over guy on the show, that there would be old-school tag team wrestling given 30 minutes as a showcase, alongside Mickie James wrestling Asuka as well?

Of course not. And there’s probably one guy, who, at the end of the day, is more responsible than anyone else for that occurring.

Bow down to the King of Kings.

All hail Triple H.

At some point this will be his company to run in full, and what a company it will be.

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