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5 Moments from Hell In A Cell 2016 you may have missed

There were moments for everyone to see, and then there were these epic ones

Same guy, different title

The most brutal Pay-Per-View on the WWE calendar didn’t end up being all that barbarous when you look back. Everything was going strong until WWE decided that logical booking isn’t their cup of tea and ended a historic match in an ordinary way.

The dull finish, though, didn’t undermine the positives that shone throughout the PPV. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins put on a classic to remember, Sasha vs. Charlotte lived up to all the hype despite what transpired in the latter stages of the match and most of the outcomes made sense from a long-term booking perspective. 

In the end, Hell in a Cell ended up being three hours of hits, misses, botches and iconic frames. Some of which were quite obvious to the eyes of the fans’, while others, were just not glaring enough.

In this slideshow, we take a look at those moments that may have just snuck by unnoticed amidst all the buzz.

#1 CM Punk? Who’s that? 

Will Punk make a Goldberg-esque return?

CM Punk...CM Punk...CM Punk! How many times have you heard the fans chant for the rebellious superstar when WWE puts forth a stale product? Umpteen times right? While the ardent fans of the Cult of Personality would sell their kidneys to see the former WWE Champion back, WWE may be content by his absence and reluctance to return.

Apparently, during the Roman Reigns-Rusev match, the Spanish announce team refused to mention CM Punk’s name while they shared a historical fact. When referring to the first time a title changed hands inside the cell, Spanish announcer Marcelo Rodriguez blatantly ignored Punk’s contribution and said, “The first time a title changed hands inside HIAC was at the 2009 PPV Edition when the Undertaker defeated..... a Superstar.... to win the World Heavyweight Championship.”

Point to note from this: The day WWE starts mentioning CM Punk on live television is when we can start preparing our body and minds for the mind-boggling, roof shattering and ear-drum piercing return of CM Punk.

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