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3 superstars who could change their finishers

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The Viper Randy Orton
The Viper Randy Orton

Nothing in a wrestler's arsenal is more important than their finishing move. It brings the crowd to their feet and their opponent to their knees. A good finisher should be memorable and visually good for creative match conclusions.

This is the move that fans pay to see; think of the Attitude Era when fans were exited to see Austin hit his Stunner or the Rock exciting millions of his fans by setting up his opponents for the People’s Elbow. 

A finisher is something that is the best move for the wrestler and excites all the wrestling fans when delivered. Unfortunately, not all superstars have the ability to show up with a really cool finisher. 

Here are 3 superstars who could change up their finishers.

#3 Randy Orton - RKO

13 time WWE champion
13 time WWE champion

Randy Orton is one of the greatest WWE stars ever, and has won every title there is to win in the company. The RKO is one of the most popular finishing moves of all time, so many of you may disagree, but the RKO was starting to feel a little vanilla. 

I feel like Randy Orton has done everything he could do with the move. He did the Viper thing where he would hit the RKO from out of nowhere. He's done the RKO in pretty much anyway you can think of, so even when he hits the RKO from out of nowhere we can still kind of see it coming to a certain degree. 

To be honest, it would be awesome if Randy Orton went back to using the punt to the head from his Legend Killer days, but who knows if WWE would allow that, considering how brutal the move is overall and how easily it could be mimicked at home? It would definitely add the edge that it feels Randy has somewhat lost.

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