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Hot new WWE t-shirt released with a mugshot of Vince McMahon after his arrest on RAW

Sudhir Bose
1.19K   //    09 Jan 2016, 16:35 IST
One of the few times the people got behind the government

There are very few lines Vincent Kennedy McMahon can’t cross in the WWE, but he managed to place his foot right over the wrong one on the last RAW of 2015. The Authority vs The Roman Empire angle took an entertaining turn as the sun set on 2015, with a tried-and-tested gimmick.

What initially seemed like another attempt to bury Reigns backfired hilariously on Vince and Stephanie, with New York’s finest dragging away the boss in shackles. A little could be said of Vince’s chivalry in defending the honour of a woman, but that bit’s forgotten in a hurry when the woman happens to be Stephanie McMahon. 

Roman tried to milk all he could out of the imbroglio, even holding the mic to the officer when he read out the Miranda Rights to Vince. A more than satisfying end to 2015, but that wasn’t all. Vinny Mac’s skirmish with the law was deservedly enshrined in the form of this new t-shirt ($24.99) that the WWE has released, according to DailyWrestlingNews:

Ending 2015 with a trip to jail!
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